Monday, 23 February 2009

the first mtg in review -

Hello all,

Just thought I would drop a quick note to recap some of the books I spoke about ( in the hope that some of you might get a chance to do the same) in case anyone wanted to remember a book title someone else mentioned but couldn’t. J

I want to start off my thanking you all for coming to the first book club mtg I have ever been to. J I had a great time and it was entirely what I had envisioned. ( except of course the pub noises, which I do not know how we would ever avoid… and saying that it was a rather nice pub and the crowd was not TOOO bad J Thank you very much Jo for the suggestion J xx)

Books I mentioned:
The Other Hand ( I meant to say read this if you liked – a thousand splendid suns, and the bookseller of kabil etc )

She’s Come Undone – Wally Lamb -
Another book of his – I know this much is true -is quite good as well and would probably be favoured by those of you who are a bit more serious than me in their literary taste. – I am sure jenny, jo and emma would all devour it.

Time Travellers Wife

And of course Life of Pi

The ones I would also have liked to mention are:
Amelie Nothomb – the life of hunger- it’s a quirky book and not for all. Features heavily on my fave subject ( food/ weight) but is very well written by an amazing writer. She is French, and so there is also a certain snobbery to her personality, that for me adds to its charm J x

And of course ANYTHING by Alice Sebold ( lucky, the lovely bones)and anything by AM homes ( especially this book will save your life, or the mistress’ daughter – her personal memoir)

Anyway I am sure that is more than enough for now J if anyone wants to do the same and reply all by email I am sure peeps will appreciate it. J

Thanks again for coming and I hope you enjoyed it.
Will be in touch soon re the next venue etc.
The next man booker book is Anne Enright – The Gathering
Best wishes

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