Wednesday, 4 March 2009

are we ROCKSTARS or what?!?!

last night you could tell there was definite consensus on our lack on engagement in the march book - Anne Enright - The Gathering.

One reportedly didnt open the book, one made it to page 6, another to like page 29? and lastly i myself only managed to page 106....

Books were shared round - thank you M! who brought along a few to share-

conversations did centre around books and bookish things, but soon we were waning from the desperation of trying to read enright.... and the conversation took a turn.....
somehow we got to tactics and strategy for urinal selection, and a masterclass from R and M, followed by a skills test for A and much cheering and support from J ( in top photo you can see the urinals ( empty sauce bowls) and the "people" (salt shakers.)
lets just say after that it was all CLASS.
see you all next time... 7th april. maybe same venue?

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